Piëdro Schweertman

Team Captain

Our team captain for the 2019/20 conquest is our legendary Piëdro Schweertman. The cool crusader is now the three-time Dutch National Champion after beating Rene Mijs 3-0 in the finals. Not only is he Dutch champion, but he has also recently become the European O35 Masters Champion,. With three out of five big wins under his belt from last season, Piëdro will be going into this season more determined than ever to lead #TeamNorthumberland to victory this season. 

Likes: Rum & Whiskey

Dislikes: Fish and tomato, but claims to like squashed tomato?

Fun Fact: Piëdro is an all-round athlete who loves his MMA, Skateboarding and fitness. He also studied Sport Science (Brains and Brawn!).

HWR: 63