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Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Am I correct in saying that this will be your PSL debut? What brought you up North?

Yes it is my first year playing PSL. It was a couple contacts I had that put me in touch with the club.

What has your off season consisted of and what are your goals for the season ahead?

This has actually been my first official off season since I started playing on the tour because I didn’t go back to South African for the season there or compete in any tournaments back home. I decided I needed a break from playing tournaments all year round so I have been on a program set by Derek Ryan with lots of gym work, explosive sessions, running and bike sprints and some endurance sessions too. My goals for this season is to crack into the top 30.

Yourself being from South Africa, there isn’t currently a pool of top pros, what has it been like working your way up the rankings where there isn't the same legacy of world class players?

We have had a South African in the top 10 a good few years ago. Being from South Africa and one of few players on the tour is a bit more tough having to be everywhere alone, travel alone which I find tough. Also, having to move away from home or my country to further better my squash is also difficult but the convenience of being based in the UK outweighs travelling from South African for every tournament.

What has been your finest win to date?

Winning the PSA Keith memorial tournament 5K in my home town, Cape Town in 2018.

Any pre-match superstitions or routines?

I normally have a coffee leading up to my match, an hour or two before. I do my warm up which is similar each time. I don't have any superstitions, I just go with how I'm feeling on the day.

What’s your training go-to meal?

Eggs and Avocado or Oats.

Best advice ever given to you in between games?

Respect your opponents good shot, try to eliminate it. Don’t rush, play the extra shot to move them out of position.

Favourite shot?

Boast and Backhand volley kill.

Sporting idol outside of squash?

Kate Woods - South African hockey player and captain. Roger Federer.

If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t let people influence your won decisions to achieve your ambitions, follow your own dreams and don’t worry about what people think. Others will respect you for following your heart.

Welcome to the Team Alex, we look forward to cheering you on!

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