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Get to know...Fiona Moverley

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

What have you been up to since settling into retirement earlier this year?

I have become a firefighter. It's been a very challenging but exciting time to start a new career but I obviously still miss the tour and everyone on it.

Your previous PSL team was Pontefract, what was it about Newcastle that made you consider the switch?

I have enjoyed playing for Pontefract the last few years but a change is always good and it's nice to be wanted by the team!

Your biggest career win?

It was Nantes 2017. Biggest crowd as well and great to have my coach there with me to be a part of it.

What did a typical week of training look like for you?

My training week was flexible depending on where we were in the season and between tournaments etc but it typically was 10 sessions including 5/6 on court including match practice, 2 strength sessions and then we may have speed/agility sets, hard intervals sessions in the gym or circuit training. A lot of mobility and stretching would be involved in each day. Recovery was a big part of training.

Any pre-match superstitions?

Not really. I did always have a 'switch on' 45 mins before my match to make sure I was focussed and in 'match mode'. Then I'd start my warm-up etc.

Sporting idol outside of squash?

Roger Federer and Jess Ennis-Hill.

Best advice given to you in between games?

When things aren't going your way, "Stop moaning and hit the ball where you want it to go!" Simple but effective!

Favourite shot?

Backhand volley drop! Most people would attest to that I think!

Any tips for a club player?

Just have fun with it, keep trying to improve and be competitive. Play as much as you can for as long as you can and enjoy every minute.

If you could go back 10 years what would you advise your younger self?

Never give up. Even when people are telling you you won't make it. Believe in yourself. And finally...don't have a 5 year gap in your professional squash career!

Welcome to the Team Fiona! Excited to see your backhand volley drop in action!

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