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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

What has been your biggest win to date?

The biggest title I have won is a $10,000 event. The most recent was back in 2016 where I beat Joel Makin in the final. More recently I beat Alan Clyne in PSL against you guys at the end of last year!

You’re based in Bristol amongst the Elshorbagy brothers, how has training with them had an impact on your squash and professionalism?

Training with them has been great, but the biggest thing I learnt from them is that there is no one way to the top. They both have 2 very different personalities and approaches to being a professional and that really gave me confidence in doing what I felt was right for me and my personality.

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular in squash, what inspired you to start the ‘Finding Balance Podcast'?

I absolutely love podcasts, and after having listened to them for maybe a year or 2, I saw how much benefit there could be in having one for the squash world. At the time there weren't any, so I started creating! I am very passionate about the mental / emotional side of being a professional squash player, and I wanted to share something that could be really helpful and meaningful to anyone who listened.

Sporting idol outside of squash?

Djokovic. He embodies mature masculine energy on court, yet is also an incredibly humble, sensitive and open minded person off it.

What does your weekly routine consist of?

At the moment it's a mixture of coaching and slowly building up my own physical training again. I make sure my training is a good balance between body, mind and squash.

Favourite shot?

Backhand cross lob.

Any pre-match superstitions?

I always brush my teeth before each match.

Best advice ever given to you in between games?

Take each point one at a time.

Any essential training tips for a club player?

Take a small amount of time to prepare beforehand and stretch/wind down after.

If you could go back ten years what advice would you give your younger self?

You have more time than you think. There is more to training and success than you think, take the time to explore what each means for you.

Tom's 'Finding Balance' podcast can be found on SoundCloud, Spotify or Itunes!

Best of luck for this season Tom!

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